SimpleTexting updates
SimpleTexting updates

Maximize Your Credits With Team Performance Analytics Report




Our newest feature release allows account admins to monitor messages by team member. You can get a better understanding of the volume and type of messages being sent, and the response rate of different team members.

With extra insights into performance, you can adjust your SMS marketing strategy according to what is and isn’t performing well, and increase customer satisfaction by following those with high engagement rates.

You can now:

  • Gain insights on a team member within a specific timeframe. Just select the person and pick the start and end dates for the data.

  • Pick whose insights you see. Choose whether to see information from all of your team members or just a few individual teammates.

  • Track important metrics. The team performance report allows you to see data such as messages sent and received, conversations opened and closed, and conversations initiated.

Check out our help center for more information on this new feature.